Sparkling Apple Juice (4-pack)

Sparkling Apple Juice (4-pack)
Fizzy. Extra Tart. Naturally sweet. Produced in NY/VT, 2023.
$12.99 / 4-pack

Lovely Bunch’s Sparkling Apple Juice is made from the same delicious apples as our premium original juice, but bubbly! Our Sparkling Apple Juice is Fizzy, Extra Tart, and Naturally Sweet. We selected the most delicious apples we can find and slowly press them to extract all of the Apply goodness. Lovely Bunch’s goal is to support farmers working with sustainable practices. 
We source our apples from orchards in New York and Vermont. We strive to find the most delicious blend of sustainably sourced apples in the North East.
Apples, ascorbic acid (as a natural antioxidant)
Our manufacturing partner is Shacksbury Cider, a specialty cidery located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.
  • Apples, ascorbic acid (as a natural antioxidant)
  • Made and grown in United States
  • Shelf-stable (product is pasteurized)
  • Allergens: None in product or plant
  • All natural, non-GMO
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