Apple Juice (4-pack)

Apple Juice (4-pack)
Extra tart. Cloudy. Naturally sweet.
$12.99 / 4-pack

We searched for unique heirloom apple varieties to create a more floral, sweet, and sour apple juice. We think it’s the most delicious apple juice you will ever taste and can’t wait for it to transport you to the orchard. Lovely Bunch’s goal is to support farmers working with sustainable practices. A big part of this is to support sustainable agro-forestry and orchard crops! 
Apples, ascorbic acid (as a natural antioxidant)
Our manufacturing partner is Shacksbury Cider, a specialty cidery located in the Champlain Valley of Vermont.
  • Apples, ascorbic acid (as a natural antioxidant)
  • Made and grown in United States
  • Shelf-stable (product is pasteurized)
  • Allergens: None in product or plant
  • All natural, non-GMO
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